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Samba Reggae

Traditional music from the northern part of Brazil

Community Band

Everyone is welcome, no experience necessary, drums provided



From notting hill carnival to local fund raising events



I moved to Penge in April and was looking to join a community group of some kind and then I saw the fabulous poster for the Pengenistas at the station.

I’ve attended several rehearsal sessions since then and had the great pleasure and honour of playing with the band at the Penge Community Festival and Crystal Palace Festival. Picture of me feeling very happy at the former event:

Under Ian’s leadership the band has built not only a great reputation in the community but a wonderfully friendly and inclusive space for community members to meet and learn how to make music together.

I started with no prior drumming experience, and am rapidly developing confidence as a drummer and performer. Long live the Pengenistas!



 I love the drumming workshops so much. They are great fun and everyone who goes is amazing. I like being part of the band and doing gigs. I never knew I would like drumming as much as I do. I have met so many wonderful people and it is all thanks to you and Ang. You explain things simply and easily and everyone else there is so supportive and helpful. Pengenista drummers are a family and I love them very much xx


I’m proud to be volunteering for the Maypole Project, providing a drumming therapy to children and young adults who have complex medical needs and those who are effected by their suffering.

Drumming circles can support individuals, families and communities during times of change, sadness and pain. As we drum together the rhythm brings us closer, which alleviate feelings of isolation. The drum offers a universal language where all people can be a part, free from words and the mindfulness it creates can serve as a distraction.

There are great benefits of drumming as it promotes the production of endorphin, reduces tension, anxiety and stress. It helps to control negative feelings, blockages and emotional trauma and creates a powerful sense of well-being.

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Croydon football club

Function room

Albert Road

South Norwood

SE25 4QL

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Every Tuesday from 8pm till 10pm
Cost £10